Monday, March 29, 2010


I'd say that "You're the 1,000,000th visitor to this blog today! YOU WIN!!" but, lets be honest, if you plotted out an expected visitors graph till infinity I wouldn't even asymptotically get there.

So, yeah. You're not special. But thank you for reading. Because you're reading, you're me. That's worth something, right?


SCREW YOU. I HAVE YOUR IP ADDRESS. Expect the government to show up at your door in a few hours asking why you attempted to sell national secrets to the Russians.

Anyhow. Song for the day:

In Which I Finally Take Care of Some Unfinished Business

A roundup on what's been going on:

  1. I've sent in my seat deposit to School.
  2. I've gone to School's admitted student's weekend.
  3. I now am fully in love with School.
  4. I've decided to no longer be law school anonymous.
  5. I've signed a lease on my apartment.
  6. I still haven't gotten word on my summer internship.
For those of you who are impossibly lazy and just want to read up on a certain item, jump to the appropriate number.

1.) Okay, actually this is actually out of order with a previous post, but this fact has an impact on Number Six. So I'll mention again. I've seat deposited at my awesome school of awesomeness. I actually couldn't be more happy with the decision, which I think is by far the best for me. And, I'm incredibly fortunate that this place which is "best for me" is also "best for my finances." So, I get to happily indulge myself in the pleasures of life a bit more because my loan load will be a good bit less than otherwise.

2.) The ASW was awesome, and made me like the school even more. In a lot of ways it settled in my mind that I'm where I'm meant to be. It was shorter than a lot of other schools, but during it I got to see the great people that populate the place, and it's an awfully good feeling to be somewhere where you can feel like every single person that really doesn't have to care about you does with every fiber of their being. And I love the financial aid lady for her presentation. It was the most upbeat one I'd been to. I want to make her cookies or something. Though my host was busy writing a moot court brief (Work stinks I know, man. Stay strong. Pound it.), I spent time hanging out with a friend of his and her admitted students.

I feel the need to pause and consider how hosts with their admitted students are something like these. I totally think I saw a host shaking one in order to simulate taking her out for a walk.

Anyway, I loved hanging out with the group of them, they were fun. And from any guy's perspective, being in a group people with a male-female ratio of 5-1 can never be that bad. Well, unless you're terrified of conversation. In which case you might be in trouble.

3.) If you hadn't gathered from the above two posts. What? You skipped down to this number? WELL SUCH IS THE PUNISHMENT FOR BEING LAZY!!

4.) Sort of...especially because i want to talk more about my experiences and life in and around XXXXXX I've decided to not make this be school anonymous forever. I'm keeping my own name off the books, but I figure claiming a school isn't going to be a problem, since I'm not going to be trash talking the administration. Course, I'm not going to always be waving a flag, but those of you who want to know where I'll be, can start guessing from this picture:

For those of you in the know, or are good at identifying geographical objects, this should get you pretty far.

5.) I now have an apartment, which is epically huge compared to my one room single in the Quad (which has served me well, don't get me wrong). At around 800 square feet, it could pretty much eat my current space for an appetizer. I'm on the top floor (of 3), and I even get a balcony.

All this for a fraction of the cost of if I had stayed at my current university and gotten a nice room in one of the apartment complexes here! Even comes with a dishwasher, which makes up for having to go downstairs for laundry. Plus it's within walking distance of the law school, which is a major plus because I don't know what the car situation is like at this point...

6.) Still waiting. 3 weeks since sending in a seat deposit... *deep breath* Patience is a virtue, Patience is a virtue... More on it once I hear back...

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Touring the Aquarium and Other Matters

A few days ago I road-tripped with my mother to look at apartments and the Law School. First off, I must say that the trip, albeit a short drive--about 2.5 hrs--from home felt like going a world away. I must also say that listening to my mother sing old Bon Jovi songs say the least.

One thing I certainly have to say about the campus is that the place is amazing. By far as beautiful as the various photos and proclamations by current students would have one believe. Lots of trees and grass make me happy. To be honest, I think think this will feel a whole lot more like a vacation than a 3-year trial by fire. Of course that attitude will likely change once I sit down in my first class. Anyhow, I'll be going back in only a week to attend the Admitted Students day for the place.

I also put down a deposit for my new apartment (reality: Mom put down the deposit--I have no money. I'm going to be scraping the barrel to get out of undergrad with enough money for a lunch from Wawa.) The place is so popular there's no open places to use as a model apartment anymore. So essentially we committed nearly $1K to get in line to get a lease for an apartment I've only looked at online. Awesome.

The next order of business is the furnishing. While at one point I'd planned on a pre-furnished place, my frame of mind has changed dramatically. This is very much contingent on being able to afford the stuff. We'll see. I will say this. I went to IKEA the other day. It has changed my life.

Now all I need to do is finish up where I Roman History paper awaits...

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

0L: Enter the Law Student

After a long time intending to do so, I have decided to begin a law school blog. For those of you who have the kindness to bother reading (or have been browbeaten by myself to do so upon pain of continued annoyance), I cannot promise that this will be one of those blogs that gets the Gold Star for being one of those precious few that makes it to the end of 3L year still alive.

But you never know.

After much consideration, I've decided to make this a fully anonymous blog. That isn't to say that if you don't try hard you won't be able to figure out who I am or where I go, but at least any old person won't. If you figure it out, count that as your reward for reading attentively. I'm not planning on saying anything I wouldn't want associated with my name, but being anonymous is a bit fun. It means I can come up with nicknames for people like "Guns & Brown-Noses" that accurately describe their character in a easier way than just calling them "Michael" or something like that. I'm also emulating the style of my favorite LS Blog written by Nobody.

In the coming days I'll catch the world up on where things stand, but for now, take heart and know you are about to experience the greatest 3 years history has ever seen.

I am Sharklord, (incoming) law student extraordinaire.
This blog is updated approximately whenever I feel like it. Those of you who expect some kind of schedule will be sorely disappointed, and probably don't realize how scatterbrained I am.

© TheSharklord. Yes, I reserve my rights. Look, touch, but do not steal. Or I will find you.