Thursday, April 29, 2010

It's All Over But The...

...Roman History exam. History continues to be a subject which is the bane of my existence despite an healthy interest in the goings on of Rome circa 2,000 years ago. And so, here I am, roughly a dozen days early studying in order to not bring my whole law school quest to a very abrupt and unfortunate end.

Elsewhere on the home front, Dream Internship has failed to call me back, leaving me in a pseudo-disgruntled state (it's hard to be too mad when you're graduating and already have next year lined up). Still, it'd be nice to hear something from them, even if it's a "we need more time" kinda deal.

I was pointed towards this bit of info. Looks like UVA (yes, it's UVA, for those of you who didn't decide to try and use my picture hint--and don't think I'm totally delusional, "those of you" is probably just me about 2 or so years from now when I look back and remember that blog that I never really got into) is getting even more attention from applicants as time goes by. It's not surprising in this economy (that infamous phrase), as everyone scrambles to figure out what the heck they're going to do with their degrees. Even at Wharton, times are tough, and the $80K median salary that the I-Banking kids were looking forward to is a lot harder to come by nowadays. Heaven forbid you did something unproductive (aka "Not Soul Sucking"), like Marketing or something.

Which is, of course, why I'm going to law school. ;) That and to forward my plan of world domination. You laugh, but one day this blog will be required reading for approval for Global Citizenship. Count yourself lucky for getting ahead.

Today's funny video award goes to the below video, which was selected in a contest held by for their annual Law Revue video contest. I personally think it's very funny:

Oh, and lastly, I'm very excited, despite Dream Internship not calling me back I'm getting THIS tomorrow!

I may have spent the past few days staring at reviews and specifications, and that may indicate that I'm a nerd. But. I. Don't. Care.

This. Phone. Is. *sigh* okay, I'm pained because if I accurately describe it that'll simply mean that I've used the same pun that every other reviewer, blogger, or schmuck with an internet has made. But let's be honest: It's Incredible.

Alrighty. Enough for now.


**This is a late post because I never did finish it. I'm thinking i'll just do a new one, but this is like circa 3 weeks ago. Sorry about that!**

It's Spring Fling here at my undergrad, and the academic home stretch is sprawling out before me. Unfortunately, this also means that it's time to do all of those group projects which we have collectively been too lazy to attend to for the rest of the semester, I also have to do a particularly annoying paper write up rather soon, and I need to gear up (i.e. read) for my exam. Yes, it's in the singular--I've got a hilariously light schedule.

It also means that my future LS plans are coming to fruition. Soon I'm gonna need to secure furniture. I've got my eye on a desk system from IKEA which looks amazing. I will use it to outfit my law school command center.
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