Who is TheSharklord?

Chances are, you already know. 

But if you are one of the brave, proud, and, most likely, few who have found your way to this site for reasons other than my shameless self-pandering ways on G-Chat and Facebook, WELCOME! I'm happy to have you here because you'll be the ones who I subpoena when the Feds accuse me of illegally compelling the rest to read this blog.

My blog is in a state of eternal change.

This is because I don't know anything about blogging, nor do I care to have an expert tell me the "right" way to blog. I presume eventually I'll stumble across this knowledge, but until then I prefer to claim ignorance. One particular feature that is always in flux is exactly how anonymous this blog is. Owing to the fact that most people who choose to stop by already know me, it seems silly to pretend otherwise. At the same time, I'd rather not have some future employer decide to Google my name and stumble across this. Even though I do not intend to bash or otherwise be an a** on the internet, none of this is proofread or employer ready.

Anyhow, I am a member of the Class of 2013 at UVA Law. That should be enough to tide you over.

Oh, and you can email me at TheSharklord [at] Gmail [dot] Com. If you do I may tell you the secrets of the universe. Or something from a fortune cookie. No promises.
This blog is updated approximately whenever I feel like it. Those of you who expect some kind of schedule will be sorely disappointed, and probably don't realize how scatterbrained I am.

© TheSharklord. Yes, I reserve my rights. Look, touch, but do not steal. Or I will find you.